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Team MMT: About Us


MMT & Clear Skin Clinic Host


With a passion for customer service, Rebecca will always meet you with a welcoming smile and send you home feeling uplifted. 

Rebecca ensures our clinic days run smoothly and always strives to meet your every need, whether that's amending a booking, organising multiple appointments, discussing treatment options, or calming your nerves. 

Outside of work you may see Rebecca marching around with a rucksack on her back, if she isn't off to the gym, she's probably prepping for a trek up a mountain or two.

Rebecca is an asset to the MMT team and we don't know what we'd do without her!

Team MMT: History


Lead Aesthetic Practitioner


Our highly qualified technician Jessica has a passion for aesthetics and helping her clients achieve the look they have always dreamed of. Jessica has a passion for learning, in particular anything that involves anatomy and physiology, so you can be sure you're in safe hands! If she isn't in clinic, she's probably undertaking another degree!

At Level 7 standard, Jessica has several years experience in injectables and always strives to perfect her skills. Her favourite treatments are anything involving Dermal Fillers and Anti-wrinkle injections.

A word from Jessica

"when entering into the aesthetic world I knew I didn't want to use my skill unnecessarily. I have since built a business that welcomes women and men of all ages, I aim to treat only those who will truly benefit from the treatments we offer. I have been known to turn people away if I feel they're too young or if I feel a treatment isn't necessary. I'm passionate about what I do and truly care about the person I'm treating as well as the outcome we're aiming to achieve"

Team MMT: History


Senior Aesthetic Practitioner


An enthusiastic aesthetic practitioner Natalie has an eye for detail and an excellent understanding of the facial anatomy and treatments. She keeps up to date with new techniques and training and strives to maintain a high standard of practice. Natalie loves anything and everything aesthetics, particularly Lip Augmentation. She has bundles of passion for the industry and always aims to exceed her clients’ expectations.

A word from Jessica: “we couldn’t be happier to have Natalie as part of the MMT aesthetics team, she has a lovely, approachable nature and always ensures her clients feel safe. Natalie really listens to the clients aims and goals, and has an artistic eye, creating results that are bespoke and suitable for each client”

Team MMT: History
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